'Til The Love Runs Out'


in the Beautiful Connecticut River Valley
East Thetford, Vermont

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Located at the home of Neal and Charmaine Rich in East Thetford, Vermont, this AHS Display Garden was designed to showcase an constantly growing Daylily collection. Holdn' Heaven is a unique place combining Formal, Cottage and Garden Room styles with a touch of the unconventional and whimsical.

Hybridizing began in 2001 with Charmaine's expanding interest in hybridizing with the relief, pleated and cristate Sculpted forms. A fascination with patterns has created a selection of northern hardy patterns for hybridizing and introduction. Distinctive blooms with clear color, bud count, branching, clean foliage, early morning opening (EMO) and cold morning opening (CMO) are all important criteria used in the selection of seedlings for introduction.

I am pleased to offer 5 introductions for 2016 including three new Sculpted forms and a multiform. Til the Love Runs Out, a relief Sculpted form with an eye and edge. Spirit of the Adventure has 7" pleated violet blooms and incredable scapes. Beast of Bamburgh is an exciting extra large yellow Sculpted cristate form. Forest for the Sun, excellent plant habits and beautiful sunny yellow multiform blooms, there is no overlooking the Forest for the Sun in the garden. The fifth introduction is Cool Change, a CMO/EMO with frosty edged petals perfectly suited for the mid - late season. All five are northern bred for hardiness and performance.

Daylilies are grown organically in compost amended clay soil, watered and winter mulched (or not) by Mother Nature allowing us to evaluate and select the best performing seedlings without artificially enhancing performance. Cultivars are true to name, state inspected and shipped USPS Priority Mail the same day they are dug. If you are not completely satisfied when you receive your plants contact us for return/refund instructions. With the addition of a General Sales list, shipping for 2016 will be $12.00 for 1-2 plants and $15.00 for 3 or more plants.  As in the past, shipping is free for orders with a plant total of $100.00 or more (not including shipping charge). New 2016 introductions are limited. Please be sure to note SF (single fan) or DF (double fan) in the description. Previous introductions and General Sales list plants are all DF or better. For questions on availability please contact Charmaine at  cnbrich@together.net or call 802-785-2916. Freshly dug divisions of introductions and many display plants are available for purchase when visiting.

We invite you to join us in the garden for the 2016 bloom season. Peak bloom is typically the third week of July, early blooming cultivars and seedlings as well as the mid-late bloomers extend the season from early July through August. One third of the large display beds are devoted to an extensive collection of pleated, relief and cristate Sculpted forms. The hybridizing and selected seedling beds are always very exciting “must see” areas. A call or email to let us know you would like to visit is appreciated.

The definitions for Sculpted form and the three subforms, pleated, relief and cristate are available in the American Hemerocallis Society’s Dictionary of Daylily Terms.
All daylilies represented are Hemerocallis species.

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