DOC WEBSTER with Clump
Doc Webster Doc Webster Scape

'DOC WEBSTER' (Rich 2008)Tetraploid, 6 1/2 inch Bloom, Mid-season, 42 inches tall, Dormant,  4-5 way Branching, 25+ Budcount, Fragrant Saffron Yellow self with small dark olive throat   Visible from across the garden, the flowers of Doc Webster are a clear, vibrant saffron yellow with a small olive throat. The lightly ruffled  petals and blunt sepals are of heavy substance and the throat is smooth and waxy. Tall, 42 inch scapes with wide 4-5 way branching hold the blooms in perfect balance above the blue-green foliage. The combination of height, radiating color and excellent plant habit make Doc Webster an outstanding garden plant. $15.00 DF