Mandarian Firecracker

'MANDARIAN FIRECRACKER' (Rich 2009) Tet, 30" tall, Sev., 5-1/2 " bloom, Mid/La, 3-way branching, 14-16 buds. Everyone who knows me will be very surprised to see an orange introduction from Holdn' Heaven - I don't do orange. What I do like is distinction and 'Mandarin Firecracker' has that. A pastel tangerine with a small raspberry halo and triple edge of orange, raspberry and gold. 'Mandarin Firecracker' has the most amazing, distinctive orange-pink throat which makes this bloom glow with an inner light. A hardy, vigorous semi-evergreen with strong 30-inch scapes, 3-way branching and 14-16 buds. 'Mandarin Firecracker' starts blooming in the mid-season and continues for 4-6 weeks. A stunning addition for the gardener and for the hybridizer wanting to work with different throat colors, 'Mandarin Firecracker' may be worth exploring. Pod and Pollen fertile. $15.00 DF