Promise to Behave Promise to Behave Clump

'PROMISE TO BEHAVE' (Rich 2008)  Tetraploid, 5 inch bloom, Mid-season, 32 inches tall, Dormant, 4-way Branching, Budcount of 20 Cranberry-grape Purple with darker purple halo and green throat   A little bit naughty and a whole lot nice, this garden gem promises to behave throughout the bloom season. Ready to greet the day without a care to what the weather brings, this Cold Morning Opener and Early Morning Opener has no problem with cool summer mornings. The heavy substance of the rich purple blooms is sunfast and shrugs off the rain through all but the heaviest of downpours. The strong S-shaped scapes show her slightly naughty side as they dance in the garden above blue-green foliage. With 4-way branching and 20 buds Promise to Behave is priced reasonably for everyone to enjoy.  $20.00 DF