Proof Positive  Proof Positive

'PROOF POSITIVE' (Rich 2008)Tetraploid, 5 3/4 inch Bloom, Mid-Late season, Dormant-Semi-evergreen, 30 inches tall, 3 way branching, 15 buds Pink - cream with large green throat and deep sculpting.   My main focus in hybridizing is working with different forms of embossed sculpting. When Proof Positive bloomed for the first time in 2004, I knew it was special. A soft pink with nicely ruffled yellow edge and large green throat, it displays the deep sculpting normally found only in the yellow/gold/melon color range. The tall 30 inch scapes with wide 3 way branching display the 5 3/4 inch sculpted blooms perfectly. A hardy dormant to semi evergreen, Proof Positive increases well and here in Vermont where rebloom is scarce, it reblooms most years. Very fertile both ways and proving to be an exciting parent for sculpting of several types, I offer Proof Positive that hybridizers even in the far North, are in the quest for new and exciting sculptural forms. $50.00 DF Sold out