'THRILLSEEKER' (Rich 2009) Tet, 34" tall, Dor, 5-3/4" bloom, Mid/La, 3-way branching, 16-18 buds. At 34" tall with a 5-3/4" bloom, 'Thrillseeker' is a tall and large flowered addition to the pattern eye group. Beautiful dormant foliage, wide 3 way branching and an average of 16 -18 buds, makes this cultivar a standout for it's class. The pink petals have light ruffling, edged white and a broken white midrib. A vivid lime green throat pierces the center of the large patterned eye in shades of charcoal, pink, lavender, raspberry and plum. 'Thrillseeker' is an EMO as well as a CMO, important traits to have being a mid through late season bloomer. As a parent, one look at the seedlings from this patterned eye beauty and you'll be a Thrillseeker, too. Very Pod and Pollen fertile.  $15.00 DF